Rhetoric the Basics – a weekend course on public speaking



Our age is the renaissance of public speaking. How often do you feel that you are supposed to be a speaker, entertainer, and a communications specialist all at once? You probably give lectures in webinars, pitch ideas, negotiate and sell products, teach and motivate workers, and have a professional vodcast. Communication skills are on top of the list for most professions.

On Rhetoric the Basics course you will get on to the road towards sound skills in public speaking. You will be provided with the main tools for preparing a speech, how to ease stage fright, and how to shape a message for your purposes and with your audience in mind. Theory will be approached through shared exercises and from a practical point of view. You will be provided with tips for literature that will lead you to learn more by yourself.

Course will be over a weekend, 12h altogether. There will be a preliminary exercise provided for you as well.

Lecturer: Severi Hämäri, MA, licensed English as a first language philosophy teacher and doctoral student. Hämäri is also the head teacher of the School of Rhetoric at Kriittinen korkeakoulu. His learner centred teaching methods have been praised by former students.



Saturday 20.4.2024: Rhetoric as a form of audience friendly design, and how to manage stage fright   

11:00-11:30 Introduction and the program

11:30-12:15 Why stage fright, and of what use would it be?

12:30-14:00 How to manage stress with a few easy tools

14:00-15:00 Lunch

15:00-16:00 More on managing the stage fright

16:15-17:15 How to prepare for and analyse your audience

17:15-17:30 Overview of what has been learned so far

Sunday 21.4.2024: Exercises for speech preparation and delivery

11:00-11:15 Orientation for the day, recalling what has been learned so far

11:15-12:15 How to get from audience analysis to the main point and argument

12:30-13:00 a structure for a speech

13:00-13:30 How to remember the speech, and how to make sure the audience will remember it?

13:30-14:30 Lunch

14:30-14:45 On preparation for the speech

14:45-15:45 Speech exercises

16:00-17:00 Speech exercises

17:15-17:30 Overview of what has been learned so far



Time: 20.-21.4.2024

Place: Virtaa-Gallery, Kirkkokatu 1, Helsinki

Price: 180€

Register at 4.4.2024. Cancellation without fee by this date 4.4.2024. After the registration date but before the course starts the cancellation fee is 50% of the full price. If no prior cancellation, the full price will be billed.


Course max participation is 16. If there is a full number of participants, prepare for some extension on the course timetable.

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